Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween.

For a super spooky treat this Halloween, the Leader of the House of Witches brewed up a special concoction called the "Affordable Health Care for America Act". The PDF is large. 1990 pages. The act contains a number of tricks played on the people and plenty of treats for lobbyists and the ruling class.

In a press release about bill, the Leader of the Witches cackled on air about how progressives have been skillfully manipulating the country for over a century with the goal of transition America from a free society with an open health care to a closed society with government care.

All the while, the half wits on the left lap up the notion that the over-priced, hyper-regulated health care system was somehow a manifestation of the free market.

Reading HR3200 made me sick. This new bill looks like it is twice as large and twice as bad.

On the bright side, one should realize that all government programs get worse with age. If we compare this bill with the health care our children will receive from the government, then we should feel lucky.

We would be luckier still if a miracle happens and the bills fail.

Staring at this bill. I feel worse that I would had I just eated a whole bag of Halloween candy.


RD said...

HR 676 is the progressives bill, HR 3200 is the Blue dog compromise bill.

Don't blame progressives, This bill is a reflection of the Corporate money flowing through Washington.

I suggest supporting Senate Bill 752 and House Bill 1826. Be sure to read the FINDINGS AND DECLARATIONS section near the top of the bills. Both bills also poll very high among both democrats and republicans.
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y-intercept said...

One of the tricks of the progressives is that the implementation of all new measures is to the left of the actual wording.

The Constitution is a unique piece of legislation in that it was designed to limit the government. The new bills create entrenched regulatory bodies that will spend a third of their efforts on finding ways to increase their authority.

This whole process is concentrating more and more power in big insurance and big government. Other than the threat to curb monopoly power, I have not heard a word from either the Senate or House that will improve the relation between the doctor and patient.