Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu and Swine

Apparently the net is ablaze with reports about Egypt's order to slaughter pigs in the face of swine flu. Many focus on the fact that only minorities such the ancient Coptic Christians own pigs.

Daily News Egypt provides a more sympathetic report claiming the effort is aimed at removing pigs from populated areas.

I find it interesting that the Judeo-Islamic tradition seemed to have figured out the swine are a common breeding ground for disease. On the modern front, I can't help but notice that first world nations have thrown a great deal of effort into separating humans from livestock.

Interestingly, the slow food movement has lead to a drive to bring livestock back into the city. There's a growing number of efforts like Fort Collins Urban Hens seeking to bring chickens into the city (so that people will be closer to their food source).

Hens, of course, are breeding grounds for bird flu.

Swine are wonderful little mulchers. I could imagine our creating a system where restaurants feed waste to swine ... processing the effluence of our modern lifestyle. Other than their being a breeding ground for disease, swine would do well in the city.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Mexico is faring worse in this stage of the swine flu is the proximity of people and livestock.

END NOTE, I put an ad for the Germ Guardian on this post. The germ guardian uses UV-C light to sanitize surfaces. I think this is wonderful tool for people who have young ones or who are caring for the elderly as it allows the user to sanitize surfaces that people contact. I like the ability to clean the cooking area and restroom facilities.

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