Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grading the President

The hundred day mark has hit, and I guess that we are all supposed to grade President Obama.

In any system of grading, the first concern is how the grade will affect the self-esteem of the person being graded.

Obamas seems to have an almost unquenchable desire to be liked. So, I am really worried that any negative words could be a self-esteem shattering event.

So, after a great deal of research into grading mechanisms, I've decided that my best option is to give the president a grade of "present."

This grade is not intended in any way to degrade those people who play. My nonjudgmental grading scale only has the option "present."

It is a bit like the nonjudgmental grading scale used for Bush which has only one grade "failed."

I admit, I was put off by Obama's world apology tour. You know … the thing where Barack Obama went to the capitals around the world and apologized for the arrogance of the "failed" Bush Administration.

As you see, it really is not possible to apologize for one's political opponent. Apologizing for the supposed arrogance of one's partisan is itself an act of arrogance.

Anyway, on the scale of "present" to "present," I give Obama the grade of "present." I wish the president the best in self-esteem and hope that he is never given a choice between doing what is right for the world and being liked.

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