Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tea Party Photo

Tea Party

(You can buy this photo for your web site or flyers from Big Stock Photo for 1 credit.)

This is my ill-fated attempt at making a stock photo. People seem to have tea parties on their mind this tax season; So the picture has a person filling out a tax form by candlelight with an old fashioned candle holder and quill pen.

I could imagine a person wanting to use the picture in an editorial about tax season. I suspect, however, that the picture will be rejected for being too dark. I think a dark background fits. Taxes, after all, are a dark brooding subject ... a bit like death.

I pounded out a page showing how I would use the picture. Secretly, I am trying to convince people that buying loose leaf tea online from my advertisers will save the planet by saving tea bags.

I uploaded a picture of the parts I replaced in the folk's bath tub. It seems like a bit of waste to fix a leak.

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Anonymous said...

the revolution will not be televised.............