Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Microstock Bubble

I feel like a boy with a big balloon. just released a whomping huge number of free photos to promote the use of microstock photography in blogs.

These are images from professional photographers that you can legally include in your blog. Here is a sample free-low-res image.

Balloon Boys @ Tim Donahue

They have millions upon millions of quality photographs and graphic designs that you can include on your site. I like the Microstock business model as it creates an affordable source of images for blogs, web sites and scrapbookers while providing cash for photographers and designers.

I am super happy to find this treasure trove of free microstock images, because it allows me to be a hypocrite. I can preach at you about buying microstock, while I shamelessly use the free ones.

Truth be told. I started buying images. I made a little program that shows where I use them. You can use this program too (providing that you link to it).

You can view the free images here.

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