Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Results

I can't believe it! One of my web sites had a sale on Black Friday. Someone bought a MicheBag. A MicheBag is a really clever purse with an exchangeable outer shell. You buy a purse and several shells to match your clothes. You can then quickly accessorize for different outfits without moving the content between purses.

They have a wide selection of shells to fit just about every outfit ... well, except, of course, they don't have shells that go well with outfits worn by men.

Truth be told. I have not purchased a MicheBag myself because I would only be able use it on Friday nights ... and I already have a this nice pink frilly handbag with sequines. It is so cute. It goes perfect with my pink spiked heels, and is barely big enough to hold my pistol ...

... and, err, I think I may have given more information than people care to hear.

Back to reality. Black Friday is supposed to be the biggest shopping day of the year. So, every year, I check the directory to see if I made a black friday sale. Most years I don't; So I am happy to have broken the trend.

The fun part of the affiliate game is you never know what people will actually buy. The things I sell most often are purses, are purses, Scrapbooking Supplies, and Temple clothing.

Clearly, people are not reading my blog.

Personally, I have this self image where I am the rough rugged outdoorsy type; So, i thought I would be selling a lot of rough, rugged outdoorsy gear, which I don't.

Of course, my definition of a well equipped backpack has a bivvy sack, a down comforter, a thermarest, an old pair of sneakers, a coat, a spoon, a plate that can be used for cooking and the food.

I could never work at a sporting goods store. If they asked me what one needs to go camping, the answer is "not much." We could go broke. The site that most fits my attitude toward life is Walkabout Travel Gear. This store started in Moab. They seem to change their address on occasion.

People pointing in my direction often say: "eeeeek, a geek." So, I thought I would end up selling a lot of electronics. My answer to computer questions is: If you put linux on your old PC, you will have a pretty fast machine. My operating environment is pretty much down to a laptop and web hosting acccount. So, I don't sell much there either.

BTW, the one product I hope to sell this Christmas season is a fun little thing called the iPig. It is a docking station for an iPod.

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