Monday, November 03, 2008

Bankrupting Coal

Conservatives are incapable of understanding even the simplest political concept.

Yes, Obama intends to bankrupt the coal industry. But that does not make the coal industry go away nor does it lead to the loss of any jobs.

When a critical infrastructure goes bankrupt, one simply nationalizes it.

As everyone in the environmental field knows, it is not the burning of coal that causes global warming. It is the private ownership of coal that causes global warming.

If the energy sector were nationalized; then we would stop seeing all of these dire reports in the media about global warming; thus, making the problem go away.

This concept has been proven with light rail. Robert O'Toole of the Cato Institute has pointed that the resources consumed for light rail is generally higher than driving the same distance in a poorly tuned SUV. If there was any legitimacy to thermodynamic equations, then light rail is a wash and high speed light rail a big negative.

Politically, the equations are different. Global warming is, first and foremost, a political phenomena. It is the result of our collective consciousness that is rebelling at the private ownership of resources.

We stop global warming by changing our consciousness.

It is all about change.

The free market failed.

So, we need change. And should vote for change.

Lightrail reduces global warming by replacing private consumption of energy (the source of global warming) with public consumption of energy.

See, how change works. It is only carbon compounds that came from the private consumption of energy that produces global warming.

Driving a car to work is all fuddyduddy old time thinking.

Riding a train is cool.

Don't you see? If riding a train is cool, then it doesn't matter how much energy the train consumed. The train is publicly owned.

Bankrupting the coal industry, then nationalizing it changes our thinking about the industry. Nationalized coal is clean coal?

Once coal is out of the hands of all those privately held companies then it magically becomes clean coal.

Bankrupting the coal industry does not mean lost jobs it means change.

Vote for change.

This message was made possible by Airheads for Obama.

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