Monday, April 07, 2008

I am a Horrible Person

Hi, I am a horrible person.

I took the Earth Day Footprint Quiz and discovered that, if everyone lived like me, we would have to have four planets. Earth Day Network is an organization that seeks change by redefining progress as mass poverty, ignorance and worldwide starvation.

The message of Earth Day is that bourgeoisie should not have running water, electricity or bedrooms with fewer than three people per bed. That is the only way to get us down to where we all could live on one earth without hundreds of millions of people dying of starvation as they do today.

Just a flow of concious here:

If we really want to be environmental, then we should be trying make medical care less accessible, and not more accessible to people. Do you know how many hydrocarbons get released when we treat people for disease? When we treat the sick we use all sorts of plastic gadgets and medicines that involve harvesting the rain forests.

Hospitals produce unacceptable amounts of waste. For example, many hospitals these days simply toss out used needles. You could easily get several hundred uses of a needle before it wears out. Think of how much waste we could save if hospitals just reused needles?

We are a terrrible people.

Even disease prevention is a horrible thing. Think about vacinations. When you get to the nitty gritty, I suspect that more energy and environmental harm is done by the process of creating your standard one dose of vaccination than a steak.

Creating and delivering vaccinations is a resource intensive task that releases hydrocarbons in the research, creation and distribution of vaccinations. Hydrocarbons that lead to global warming.

Is saving women from cervical cancer really worth the horrors of drowning polar bears?

Anyway, since Americans are horrible people who all deserve to die. I think I will spend Earth Day protesting at the local hospital and demand that they make health care less accessible to the people so that they die faster.

Of course the Earth Day Network allows me an out. I can buy an indulgence for my sins against Gaia by sending them a donation.

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