Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Salt Lake Art Blogs

The Utah Art's community is starting to blog!!!

I've noticed that several major art organizations in Salt Lake are slapping blogs onto their sites. I hope this trend continues. Such blogs raise awareness of the arts. Art organizations often have very interesting things to say.

I just made a new Salt Lake Arts blogs category to help them stand out.

The Utah Symphony just put up a post linking to Reviews from the blogosphere. Giving return links is a good way to encourage people to visit the symphony (Abravenal Hall Events).

IMHO, art organizations tend to be a bit aloof and are quite link stingy. I think the structure where an art organization has a separate free for all blog associated with their organization creates a structure where they can link into the local internet community while maintaining the high brow status of their main site.

Jay Heuman of the Salt Lake Arts Center seems to find this process:

"a dystopic marriage of convenience between evolving technologies and savvy marketing"

I hope that these art blogs can successfully draw people into the local arts.


meg said...

Thanks for posting this! Another blog you may want to add to the list is

y-intercept said...

I added Forest Gospel to the blog list.

BTW, feel free to add links to the Salt Lake Directory and events to the Calendar.

I had problems with link spam; so to add links you have to go through a link approval process. The approval process asks for money from for profit sites. Art sites can use the coupon ART to get past that barrier. Blogs can use the coupon BLOG.