Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Walk Through a Brickyard

The truth is that I am jealous. NewspaperGrl just became a part time Google Rep. Apparently she gets to wander around with a camera and a pile of brochures. She takes a picture of the store. She then goes in the store and chats with the owners. She gets paid for her picture. If the store returns the flyers to confirm the conversation, gets gets paid for that as well.

The magical thing, of course, is the name Google. People give legitimacy to Google. They are the daddy long legs of the internet.

Brickyard TowerOh well. Anyway I just labeled pictures from a walk around The Brickyard Plaza. The plaza has a nice little courtyard, but I didn't go in because most places these days tend to toss solicitors out on their haunches.

I think I will start doing write ups on city streets. When I want to stretch the legs, I will take a walk down an interesting section of a city street, take photos and write up a page. I did a page for 1300 East in Salt Lake.

As streets connect everything together and intersect with other links, it is possible to create tons of links. If I sprinkle in a few links for advertisers, the project would make a few pennies.

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