Monday, September 24, 2007

4500 South I215 Bridge

4500 South BridgeI took shots of the 4500 South I215 Bridge Construction. This is an interesting project. What they are doing is building the new bridge along the side of the freeway. They will then swing the completed bridge into place. this will minimize the amount of time that the freeway is closed.

Mount OlympusThe 4500 South Bridge is only about 30 years old. 4500 South has rather steep slope as it climbs toward the base of Mount Olympus. That extra lateral pressure adds to the aging of the bridge.

While labeling this set of pictures, I realized that I have big piles of pictures that I have yet to upload and label. This is a picture of a Hen and Chicks Plant in bloom that I took earlier this year. This plant does not bloom all that often. For that matter, it is about 20 years old and this is the first time I remember the plant blooming.

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