Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Rich are Justified to Steal

A post on Cato At Liberty does a good job showing the arrogance of the political ruling class. A representative Tim Walz (D-MN) starts by talking about how he lives in one of the richest agricultural areas in the world. Note the word "rich." He knows where the money is.

This congressional thug then denounces everyone who does not live in a rich areas for complaining about the subsidies taken from poorer areas, then given to the rich area.

I happen to live in one of the worst agricultural areas on the planet. Utah is big but has a very small portion of arable land, with even scarcer water resources. The democrat thug says that, since I live in a poor area, I should not have any input on money taken from me and given to people who live in a richer area.

I suspect that Walz is a direct beneficiary of the machine that redistributes billions of dollars from taxpayers to the wealthiest in our society. He is free to lambaste Cato, I will file this remark as a prime example of the elitist arrogance that is a natural byproduct of the tax and spend policies of Washington.


Anonymous said...

He's probably some fat cat lawyer living in a gated community. Like he really talks to farmers.

y-intercept said...

From what I understand, many of the subsidy collecting farmers have get ups that make gated community dwelling lawyers drool.

A lawyer, by definition, is a parasite. Parasites must feed on something larger. While many lawyers are rich, most of them got that way by making the empowered even more powerful. Walz says he is from the richest farm area in the world. I suspect that he is in tight with farm-landowners whose net worth rival small nations.