Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby Bibs

Who would have thought? Some of the vinyl baby bibs from China contain lead and are poisonous to baby.

This is devastating news. The super bright vinyl baby bibs covered with trademarked images of cartoon characters in bright primary colors is one of the first experiences children have as marketing devices. The fact that these marketing materials are being thrown away by the bundle is devasting not just to baby but to the marketing industry at large.

It is good for the baby-self-esteem for baby to learn that the bubbly little baby face is good for more than just selling baby. Bubbly baby faces can sell whatever products are advertised on baby bibs.

Of course, marketing never dies. The failure of one marketing campaign simply gives rise to another marketing opportunity. As I happen to be fond of the natural fiber industry (Knitting Patterns). I am hoping that people will use the baby bib scare to rethink the plastic disposable baby product thing and go with natural fiber products. For example is a shop from Midvale selling cloth diaper products on the net and in the Salt Lake area. DiaperNet lists diaper services by state.

Of course the natural fiber product market has its own problems. I mean, have you ever seen the stuff that comes out of babies? It requires some pretty harsh chemicals to get that toxic stuff out of cloth fibers.

I guess that is the point of a free market. I like small local firms hocking natural remedies, the big international firms have the resources to design and test sanitized products. People then get to decide.

I say, go local and take your chance with natural fibers, of course I also realize that I am an idealistic jerk.

BTW, if you use hemp baby bibs, all of the other babies will think your baby is cool. Best of all, using hemp baby bibs increases the chances that your baby will grow up to be a jazz musician.


Scott Hinrichs said...

Sorry, my wife says that after five kids, disposable diapers are the only way to go.

y-intercept said...

There is a lot to be said for disposable diapers (especially in a desert where water is the limiting resource.) There is nothing to be said for the bright, advertisemnt covered bibs and things that were recalled.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a great bib that is 100% safe and made in the USA, try a Big Bellies bib ( Funny name, EXCELLENT bib! They're the only ones we'll use, and they are lead-free with a 100% cotton front (nylon back so there's no leaking through onto clothes).