Saturday, June 16, 2007

Venturing Outdoors

Climbing WallFor Coco's afternoon walk, I decided to check out the Venture Outdoor Festival in Canyon Rim Park.

The goal of the festival is to encourage people to get active and live a healthy lifestyle. They had nutritional displays along with a variety of sports oriented booths.

Elaborate BoothWe Americans need to spend less time with the blogs, and more time experience life and nature.

I went in the afternoon. A lot of the activities at that time were geared toward kids. I had been hoping to taking the nieces and nephews to the festival. Unfortunately, they were out camping and missed this valuable media message about how you should spend more time venturing outdoors and less time experiencing media messages.

Hmmm, this particular seems to be caught in a paradox. Those most interested in learning about venturing out have ventured out.

I once invested in a company that made enviromentally friendly products to discover that people who are really into environmentally friendly products don't buy as much stuff as other folk.

Anyway, this post is my attempt to encourage people to go to the Venture Outdoor Festival. Since the festival will probably be over by the time people read this. I will dare put forward the idea that you can venture outdoors and get active without permission.

Lindsey GardensSpeaking of being out doors. For yesterday's walk, I decided to check out the off leash area at Lindsey Gardens. The off leash area at Lindsey Gardens was disappointing. The area was covered with trees (making frisbee tossing difficult). The really bad part of the walk is that the ground was covered with pine needles. I would toss the frisbee. Coco would start running. She would hit a pine cone and wipe out. Needles to say, she quickly lost interest in the game.

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