Monday, September 18, 2006

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood CanyonI finished labeling the pictures I took from Big Cottonwood canyon. I had had major problems with servers last month which pretty much prevented me from labeling or making improvements on the site. I will be out taking new pictures this week. Hopefully, it won't take half a year to label the bad boys.

I would appreciate input on whether or not the galleries have too many pictures. My original idea was to take about dozen picture of a subject. A place like Big Cottonwood is filled with some many interesting subjects that I go snapshot happy. Of course, having multiple angles of a subject does provide information. Comments from people are always appreciated. (Comments from spambots are never appreciated.)


Anonymous said...

My only comment is I agree the pictures are too small. I tried to click on one, and I got a page with the same size. Thinking it had opened a new window to view, I clicked the window off and found I had lost your blog and had to go back to the beginning. I had Googled the name Dale Chihuly, thinking this was the sculptor of the red chandelier in Abravanel Hall, and I was correct.
So, think about making the link open a new window, and making your pictures a tiny bit larger.
Interesting blog, good photography

y-intercept said...

Thank you for the comment. I am not sure what happened. Perhaps I accidentally made a link go the thumbnail, rather than to the picture. I will check the pictures.

The design of the site is fairly simple. The thumbnails have a large edge of 100 pixels. The pictures themselves had a large edge of 640 pixels.

The web site lets me group photos by subject (galleries). The galleries show the thumbnails for pictures included in a subject. When you click on the thumbnail in a gallery, you go to an HTML page that includes the picture. This HTML page links back to the subjects.

In this blog, I show the thumbnail picture. Some times I link directly to the picture. Some times I link to the subject gallery. I am being inconsistent. If I want to talk about a particular picture, the link goes to the picture. If I am talking about a subject, the link goes to the subject.

I am a greedy SoB ... there is an ad on the subject page (he, he, he). I am more than willing to compromise my art for cash.