Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morning After Headache

Apparently the FDA approved over-the-counter status for the Morning After Pill.

For the most part, I consider this a good move. In my opinion the moral decisions revolving around birth control are best made at the individual rather than the government level.

I am, however, extremely upset with the “progressive-scientists” who are marketing the pill as a contraception rather than as birth control.

The term “abort” means stopping a process. Sex starts the birth process. Taking a pill the morning after sex stops the process. The Morning After Pill aborts the birth process.

I am not opposed to abortion nor I am not against the Morning After Pill. I am oppsed to the confusion that results when progressive scientists try to engineer society by changing terms.

The pill has its place, but I think it is extremely important that people know what the pill does. Marketing the pill as contraception creates market confusion. In many cases, the pill acts after conception (the fertilization of the egg). The pill has a dual action. It stops ovulation, and it prevents fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterine lining. The first act might properly be considered contraception. Calling effects that occur after fertilization “contraception” requires a redefinition of the term “conception.”

I think it is very important that couples planning their method of birth control understand the workings of the Morning After Pill. Because the pill acts after the start of the birth process (having sex), it should not be used as a primary birth control method. By mucking with definitions, progressive scientists have positioned a pill that is not acceptable as a primary means of birth control as the primary forms of birth control for millions of young women.

Although the pill will prevent fetal abortions. It does not really decrease the number of abortions. You cannot stop abortions with an abortions. What the pill does is replace the more intrusive fetal abortion with a less intrusive embryotic abortion. This is well and good in cases of rape or condom failure. It is not good when the pill is marketed as a primary means of birth control.

The extremely large number of people who will use the Morning After Pill as their primary means of birth control will end up increasing the number of embryotic abortions.

While my primary anger is directed at prograssives. I admit I am also upset with the dim-witted conservatives who think that, if we call the pill an abortive, that it must be outlawed.

Yes, there is a very strong argument that using the Morning After Pill is morally wrong. Just because something is wrong does not me that it should be outlawed.

It seems to me that people have to make their own moral decisions. The knee-jerk conservative who outlaws anything branded with the scarlet letter end up feeding the progressive’s desire to engineer society by chaning terms.

It seems like the law resulting from the Conservative/Progressive rift is quite silly.

For example, the FDA approval has the silly restriction that the pill is not available to women under 18. I doubt that this will dampen sales. Young women will be able to get the Morning After Pill from older friends. Of course the primary market for the Morning After Pill is the 20 to 30 year-old male set on seducing younger women. The 18 year old restriction won't have any effect on the 20 year-old male trying to coerce younger girls into a one night stand of unprotected sex.

17 year-old girls coerced into sex with the assumption that they will get the pill the next day will end up having babies. It is really sad.

Over the counter status for this pill will have many negative effects. Perhaps the largest market for the pill will be young women forced into sex on a date (that is date rape). With the over the counter drug, date rape victims are likely to choose to consume the Barr Pharmaceutical product in private rather than reporting the rape in public. The direct result of Barr Pharmaceutical's victory is that date rapists will be free to rape again and the young women will get to live their lives in fear.

I suspect that the disease ridden men who are good at coercing women into one night stands will be less likely to use a condom increasing the number of women who get AIDs and other forms of VD.

Overall, it is probably for the best that the pill is being sold over the counter.

People make moral choices in their lives. It is not the role of the government to protect people from difficult moral decisions.

When making moral decisions, it is important that people have correct information. The social engineers who’ve worked to redefine the term “contraception” to market their precious little pill have done the world a disservice. I hope that consumers see through the lies of the pharmaceutical industry and the progressive social engineers who haunt the medical industry.

The term “abortion” means that you stopped a process after starting it. Consumers who use the Morning After Pill as a primary means of birth control are being duped into aborting the birth process.

The only postitive side of this debate is that a few of the progressive social engineers lost their jobs in the political wrangling.

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