Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can We Kill the Hate Out of The Middle East?

I don't think the strategy will work. I do not believe that we can kill the hate out of the Middle East. There is even a chance that the current spat of killing will increase the amount of hate.

Before the invasion of Lebanon, Isreal was actually starting to receive sympathy from the Islamic world. There was even hope that a Lebanese Government with help of the UN and moderate Arab world would try to muzzle Hizbollah.

Yes, it is highly likely that they would have failed, but the failure of such effort would have given Isreal justification for its own intervention.

Sadly, the innocent must suffer before garnering justification for intervention. It is a sad, sad reality.

We need to win hearts and not just battles.

Perhaps the real failure in the Middle East is simply the believe that Neoconservative methods can be used to spread classical liberal ideals. The very foundations of neoconservativism is so thoroughly at odds with the foundations of a free society that or current efforts at introducing a classical liberal democracy in the Middle East is doomed to create nothing but a muddle of hatred and suffering.

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