Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I stuck labels on another pile of pictures. The first set shows the Sand Flats Recreation Area near Moab. This recreation area is set on a ridge overlooking Moab and the Colorado River Canyon. The recreation area includes the Porcupine Rim Trail, The Slickrock Trail and several jeep trails.

The second set of pictures shows the Slick Rock Trail. The trail is a major attraction of Moab. The trail winds through several miles of sandstone mounds and fins. The trail is quite difficult.

The final set of pictures is of Mill Creek Canyon just to the south of the Sand Flats Recreation Area. The canyon entrance is a short walk from downtown Moab. The canyon includes several towering fins, swimming holes and towering sandstone cliffs. A trip that includes both Sand Flats and Mill Creek Canyon will give a vacationeer a good feel for the area.

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