Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Legislative Mutations

Good news! The Utah Evolution Bill Died!

Personally, I think it is good that the legislature and school system discussed the foundations of scientific theory. I think there needs to be an ongoing debate about the foundations of discourse and reason.

While I think the debate is good. The problem with a legislative debate is that such debates end by passing laws. Any law that the legislature passes will end up having a negative effect on the schools.

It is good that the House rejected the bill!

On the bad news side of things, the Utah Senate took out the incest exception on their parental consent bill (Tribune). Apparently the thoughts are that a father who loves his daughter so much that he has sex with her should be the one to determines what happens to her body.

I like that the Utah bill provides a strong anti-abortion sentiment. But, damn-it, we have to protect those people in our society who are in extremely bad situations. A girl who is living in terror of her family should be protected from that terror. Yes, the state should make a strong anti-abortion statement. That statement, however, should not involve things that would do great harm to the young woman.

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