Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ogden Web Sites

On the issue of community and the web, the Weber County Forum is an excellent example of what a community blog should be. The various members of the site are obviously very active and concerned with the direction of the community. There is a serious desire for Ogden to retain its status as Utah's second city. Posts have information on town meetings (that the blogger obviously attended). The site is even providing valuable public service by including election information on up coming local races.

While I see this as the prime example of what a local blog should be, both the main blog posts and comments seem to ride the same current of cynicysm that seems to pop up in my own thoughts and seems to happen is most conversations.

In response to the feeling that there was too much negative sentiment on WCForum, one of the regulars split off to start a new blog titled The Good in Ogden. The new site has some interesting post such as one on the speculation that the mountain in the Paramount logo was a cariacature of Ben Lommond Peak.

The Good in Ogden is definitely taking on a much more positive stance. It often has above par data and analysis. The writer still falls back to taking snipes at opponents. For example you will see things like "If that is the watchdog, then consider whatever was being protected already gone."

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