Friday, October 14, 2005

I Was Wrong

I was wrong. The US Debt to the Penny did not cross the $8 trillion mark before the end of the fiscal year as I had predicted. It is already October 13th and the debt is only $7.955 trillion dollars. This phenomena is due to the fiscal restraint of George Bush. Anyway, we now have the fun game of guessing which day it will cross the big $8T.

Speaking of being wrong. I decided I am wrong about other things as well. That's right, I finally decided to break down and join the yuppy crowd. I threw down thirty bucks yesterday to buy a tent. (gasp).

I want to spend some time photographing tourist traps. So, I figured I would be staying at developed campgrounds. Developed campground hosts always look askew at people who throw a bivvy sack on the ground. One campground host even kicked me out for not having a tent. I guess he feared the campground might start attracting the backpacking crowd. Staking up a thirty dollar tent does a better job of claiming a campground anyway.

I will probably get a good thirty dollars usage from the tent. Of course, tent space might be a bit hard to come by in the future. If China and Saudia Arabia were ever to demand that the US returns all the money they lent us, then we would all be reduced to living in tents.

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Anonymous said...

We broke 8 trillion on October 18th.