Monday, September 12, 2005

Grubbing for Cash

The grubbing for cash businessness isn't going all that well. August was worst than July. So far September looks like it will be worse than August. I pulled in $632 off 7535 clicks (data). The actual traffic to the sites increased. I just don't have any local support for the community directory concept.

So, the ugly reality is that I have to add even more grubbing for cash to the site. Since I have few local advertisers, I figure I would make fan stores with select products from national advertisers.

All of the stuff you see at the local University bookstore comes from the same national advertisers. The advertisers pay for the use of the brand. So I think the idea fits within the framework of a community directory. The branded sports gear market is actually good for small firms like Team on Top which is able to use team branding to sell their product to a national audience. Team on Top sells branded bicycle helmets and hard hats. Everybody need a hard hat. (Well, at least those with _real_ jobs.)

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