Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Black Ooze

One of the really scary things about the New Orleans flood is the black ooze in the streets. The components of this black ooze is under all of our modern American cities, just waiting for its chance to surface. We have a strange habit of turning the places we love into toxic death traps.

As for the ooze, I am a bit surprised that New Orleans is able to pump the toxic waste from New Orleans into Lake Pontchartrain without having to file an environmental impact statement. This is a major fishery with a diversity of species (USGS that will be ill affected for decades to come by the effluence.

George Bush no holds barred humanitarian relief efforts show an almost complete lack of environmental sensitivity.

Speaking of areas flooding, I was looking out toward the Great Salt Lake. It has been many years since it decided to act up. I can't help but wondering if Salt Lake will become haven for the fishes if global warming puts more water in Utah to make it bloom. I wonder if the people in this valley would abandon their Zion in times of flood or if they would demand super human efforts to drain the lake, or if we would build levees around the city that were doomed to fail.

So that people can get back into their homes, I think we should continue to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to continue their draining efforts. After which we should sue them and George Bush for the environmental mess.

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