Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Marketers are Icky People

Yuck, I just read a marketer forum that was discussing different products for "content generation." You would put in the keywords for the market you are targetting. The programs would spew forth with blather in web pages and blogs. If you lace the cocktail with links to your ad efforts, then the program would theoretically over power the search engines with your machine generated garbage and you would be able to dominate the market.

Marketers really are horrible sick people.

The reason that marketers want blather generating programs that the search engines are getting better at filtering out the white noise that they've been creating with their various mass data replication schemes. Having stuff that the search engines couldn't distinguish from normal writing, will theoretically let them spam the web without getting penalized.

I think there is some open that human edited directories. The problem is, of course, that for each real human edited directory, there's seven or eight pretend human edited directory.

It is more likely that the marketers will simply consume their host (the internet). That would be sad because the internet was shaping up as a nice little tool where small companies and individuals could get their voices heard.

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