Thursday, September 30, 2004

Score One for Kerry

In a political climate that seems to be polarizing the nation, I found the first Kerry/Bush debate to be a welcome civil exchange of ideas. The debate in which both candidates emphasized the need to play out a strong end game that brings democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have to mark this first round as a win for Kerry. I believe Kerry did a good job showing a resolution to bring the international community back into the process of rebuilding Iraq. Kerry also seems to understand certain issues like the blatantly obvious fact that the development of tactical nuclear weapons by the US is adding to the problems of nuclear proliferation. The great Rumsfeld who showed the world shock and awe does not understand that when he uses one of his precious little tactical nukes to take out a bunker, he will open a whole can of worms about when and where to use nuclear arms. The tactical nuke debate is more likely to lead to leveled cities than any other current threat.

Backing away from the shrill, I think Kerry is doing a godd job showing people how the opposition parties can and should participate in the political climate during a time of war. Basically, Kerry has participated in the debate throughout the build up to the Iraq War, but has supported the president and the troops when needed. I think the Republicans have done themselves a great deservice by trying to portray this type of participation in the political process as "wishy-washyness"

This first debate has punched holes in the argument that we have to stay the course to bring Democracy to Iraq. For that matter, one could argue that a political defeat of an incumbant would actually do a great job showing the third world a process of peaceful transition of power during the infancy of democracies in the Islamic world.

Of course, I am still worried about Kerry. Like so many modern politicians, I am left wondering if he is authentic or just reading lines in the way that the polls show will be most convincing to undecided voters like myself. Even worse, I fear that Kerry might escalate tensions in the first years of his presidency to show his firm resolution.

Getting back to the shrill sidelines of the debate, it looks like Utah Valley will be part of the Michael Moore show. Mr. Moore's corpulence will be appearing at UVSC on 10/20...The UVSC council wasted their entire budget on this there are student protests. There appears to be a company in Draper that produced something called farenHYPE 9/11 that will refute Moores documentary. In other words, the shrill will meet the shrill and Utah Valley will light up in protest. It will be a sight.

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