Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dimple Dell Park

I took Coco on a walk through Dimple Dell Park. We walked from 1300 South through two culverts.

To my surpise, the park ends up at the Sandy Center Trax Stop. If you are in Salt Lake City and are looking for a fun way to spend a day without driving, you can take Trax to the end of the line and walk up Dimple Dell (east toward the wasatch). The walk gives you a good idea of what the Salt Lake Valley floor looked like before suburbanification. Although it may not be the most scenic area of Utah, it is an interesting walk to goes through culverts, etc..

I also walked throug the park and took several shots of Sandy Civic Center area. The walk was about a six mile round trip...Walking through the culverts in the dark is a trip.

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y-intercept said...

We think Coco is part Lab. Her hair is longer and snout pointier than pure bred labs...and she is smaller (40 lbs). We never met the parents. BTW, in my picture, Coco is not growling. She is bouncing though snow and wondering what the human is doing with the camera. At first glance the picture looks aggressive, but she has a look of complete puzzlement on her face.