Saturday, December 24, 2022

Happy Schwanza to All

I wanted to chime in and note that the $1.7 trillion omnibuss bill passed by a lame duck session of Congress was one of the most corrupt bills in the history of the US Congress that I've seen.

As I recall, this was the third major spending bill of the year.

A lame duck session happens between the general election and the swearing in of a new Congress. There was a change in power during the election. So this bill was the last major piece of legislation passed during Nancy Pelosi's term as Speaker. The bill is corrupt to the core. Adding an omnibuss spending bill in a lame duck session allows people who lost the election to cash out as they leave office.

Have you ever noticed that Representatives often become millionaires while serving in office? The money doesn't come from their salary. How much of this $1.7 trillion will end up in the pockets of our Representatives?

It is strange. In the Youtube video below, Nancy Pelosi attempts to deflect from the legislation by bringing up to Trump's foolish decision to hold a rally during the ratification of the 2020 election.

Trump's Januany 6 rally was stupid. That said, many people felt that there was an unprecedented amount of corruption during the election.

For example, many state election officials made major changes to the voting process without approval of their state legislatures. These changes opened up the possiblity of vote harvesting.

Another example is taht the FBI, a federal law enforcement agency, surpressed discussion of a laptop which showed the Biden family was engaging in pay-to-play politics.

Both examples have been proven. They are numerous videos of activists giving gift cards to people for voting and questionable behavior at polling places.

I despise Trump and hate the riot.

But I've lived long enough to recognize that the stupid riot was an expression of the people.

Trump was foolish to hold a rally intended to influence the legislature.

But, Trump was not a member of the legislature. Pelosi was completely wrong to frame the riot as an act of Congress. It was an act by people frustrated with a Federal government which is wasting the nation's treasury.

If you listen to the video, I beg the listener to see how she is using the riot to deflect from claims made on the Congressional floor that the passage of an omnibus spending bill by a lame duck session of congress by an outgoig Speaker is corrupt.

Pelosi is using one bad thing to justify another. The gist of her argument is: "The omnibuss bill was corrupt, but the riot was worse."

Regardlsss, Pelosi ended her pathetic speech by gifting the world with prime meme material. Pelosi ended her regime as one of the corrupt speakers of the House by making by wishing the world a Happy Schwanza.

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