Thursday, May 09, 2019

Fast, Furious and Contemptible

Democrats seek to impeach Attorney General William Barr because he redaction portions of the Mueller Report related to Grand Jury Testimonies. The press is framing this as a conflict between the Legislative and Executive Branch. This is a foolish tactic because the conflict is actually between the Legislature and Judicial System. While there is a strong argument that the executive should bend to the legislature. The case that Grand Juries should bend to the legislature isn't as strong.

I suspect that the impeachment of Barr is a response the the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder. The impeachment of Eric Holder was related to the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. The guns involved in the scandal were involved in numerous murders in Mexico and the US.

I always thought there was something more to the ATF Gunwalking Scandal than was reported in the press.

Just before the scandal broke, the left was running a narrative that unscrupulous gun shops were selling large quantities of guns to the Mexican cartels which the cartels and that guns sold by evil conservatives were being used to kill innocent people.

The Fast and Furious scandal showed that the gun running was being done under the direction of the ATF. It seems strange that Obama was pushing an anti-gun narrative while the ATF was letting a large number of guns walk.

Sadly, there have been numerous episodes indicating that the Federal Government has been complicit in both gun trade and drug trade. The impeachment of Eric Holder was related to a much more serious scandal than the impeachment of William Barr. The center of the Barr Impeachment is the redaction of Grand Jury evidence in the Mueller Report. This impeachment is not on the scale of the Holder Impeachment which involved arming dangerous drug cartels.

The Fast and Furious Scandal appears to be a case of the Deep State run amok. The obstruction that took place in the Obama Administration prevented us from having a full picture of what really happened. This should be a major topic of debate.

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