Saturday, October 06, 2018

On Starting Businesses

At the beginning of this year I sought to start a business.

I started using the SteemIt platform. SteemIt is a social media platform built around a Smart Media Token called STEEM. It is possible to sell STEEM on the open market; so it possible to make money on the platform.

I started using SteemIt 186 days ago. I've written 702 posts and have earned $16.92. That is about nine cents a day and about two and a half cents per post!

WARNING: Most Steemians make less than that, and the price of STEEM might go up in a puff of steam and my hard earned tokens will lose their value before I cash out.

I've made more on SteemIt than I've made through Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.

Social media is not leading people to widespread prosperity. It is making our society more polarized and class-oriented than ever.

I am using, however, because I feel that it is attracting users who have an entrepreneurial spirit. It has a user base filled with people who might be looking toward creating real businesses.

Anyway, I just dropped a thread on SteemIt that introduce my intentions on creating a business. just imposed some resource constraints that limit my ability to answer questions about what I am doing. So, I decided to drop this post in connection with my SteemIt post so that people can contact me using the blogger comment section below.

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