Saturday, May 26, 2018

Breaching the Queen's Peace

A independent reporter named Tommy Robinson was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court in West Corkshire, England for "Breaching the Queen's Peace."

"Conservative pundits" are fuming. The arrest violates Robinson's First Amendment Rights!

But, guess what? This case is taking place in England. English citizens don't have First Amendment Rights! They don't have Second Amendment Rights either. England is a different country. England has a different legal system.

So, lets look at the law that allows the crown to arrest people for breaching the queen's peace. What is the political group that would support such a law.

Well. It turns out that there is a political movement that promotes the monarchy. The group used to be called "Tories." They changed their name to "The Conservative Party" in the 1830s. The took the name from the effort to restore the French Monarchy after the French Revolution. Members of the Conservative Party continue to call themselves "Tories."

This idea that the crown need to arrest people for breaching the Queen's peace is fundamental to conservatism.

Mr Robinson, who identifies with the tern conservative, is being thrown into prison for a law the epitomizes the conservative tradition.

The Republican Party in the United States has a fundamentally different world view than the Conservative Party of England. Notably, the conservative party does not support either the First nor Second Amendments.

Republicans who use the term "conservative" to describe the traditional values of the Republican Party have created an untenable mess.

I feel bad for Mr. Robinson. He is in a very scary situation. He has been reporting about Islamic gangs in Britain and is being placed in a prison full of gang members.

This sad event shows what happens when people systematically misuse their terms. The "conservative" ideology was created by the Tories, Republicans are destroying our ability to defending freedom by using this absurd term.

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