Sunday, December 18, 2016

On Russian Interference in US Politics

Conservatives have long complained about Russian interference in US Politics and culture. There is substantial proof that the Soviets infiltrated parts of the US government and that many people in Hollywood were working as Soviet agents.

Whenever Conservatives tries to talk about this history, progressives jump out of the woodwork and screech the label "McCarthyism."

In this light it is amusing watching Obama lecturing conservatives about the dangers that might ensue from Russian interference in US politics.

It appears that Obama is trying to delegitimize an election which did not go his way.

Anyway, I believe that there has been a long history of nefarious groups trying to influence US politics. David Horowitz does some great work tracing the various networks currently in play.

McCarthy was a loudmouth drunk. There were people in his era, like Whitaker Chambers, who provided interesting information on cold war spying by the soviets in the Cold War.

As for Wikileaks, the reports I've heard indicate the leaks came from a disgruntle Democrat.

I dislike that the Trump campaign leaned so heavily on Wikileaks.
I dislike that the release of the Access Hollywood Tapes was timed to help Hillary. Had those tapes been released during the GOP primary, it is likely that Trump would have lost the primary.

Yep, there are many things I dislike, but this game where Obama only complains about outside influence when it hurts his partisan cause comes off as pathetic.

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