Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Nomination Speech

This web site transfer is  taking up all of my free time, but I did take out time to watch Trump's nomination speech at the Republican National Convention.

I wondered why the RNC played "Send in the Clowns" before the speech. But, maybe the Republican Party really has devolved into clowns and cartoon characters.

Trump made a great point that something is dreadfully wrong with the trade agreements of the last few decades.

Being a defender of free trade, I tend to shy away from discussing trade agreements fearing the discussion would promote isolationism or nationalism.

But, I have to admit, the trade agreements we've seen in the last few decades appear to written by politicians for the benefit of the ruling class. I am not quite sure how someone can approach these bad trade agreements without appearing as an isolationist.

The first step is to recognize that what we are seeing is an attempt of unelected international groups to regulate, control and monopolize markets. What we are seeing is not free trade, what we are seeing is the creation of a corrupt international regulation regime.

As for this post. I noticed that Conservatives began cheering the loudest when Trump declared that he will be "The Law and Order President."

Conservatives are against regulation, but favor law and order.

Well, guess what? Regulation and Order are synonyms. 

A regulatory regime is top heavy system of government where the ruling elite create an ordered society through the law. A Law and Order Regime is a top heavy government where the ruling elite regulate (put people in order) through the law.

Progressive scream at the top of the lungs that they want more regulations. Conservatives managed to scream even louder that they want Law and Order.

Conservatives and Progressives are spouting the same thing. Conservatives and Progressives are screaming loudly for centralization and less freedom. The result of both conservatism and progressivism is a empowered elite and disenfranchised people.

Anyway, I like Judy Collins' song "Send in the Clowns."

America has two cartoon characters running for president. I think we should play Send In the Clowns or the introduction to Looney Tunes at all political events.

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