Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Left/Right Split Leads to Culture War, Riots and Destruction

The freedom movement needs to win the war of ideas and not the partisan grub for power.

Progessivism is a bankrupt ideology. If there were people in the opposition willing to discuss and develop ideas; the opposition could make hay of the Left at the moment.

I was watching videos of both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama trying to distance themselves by the violence that is created by their style of politics. These leaders are a truly pathetic lot.

The Right is unable to offer a coherent alternative to the divisive rule of Barrack Obama because the Machiavellian Right has nothing to offer but its own version of division.

I have to drum the point. The Left/Right Split was created by a reactionary movement in Europe. Neither side of this split reflects the ideals of the founders.

The Conservative Party, and "conservatism" was created from the scattered remains of Toryism in 1831 by Sir Robert Peel who was appointed Prime Minister by King William IV. It is an inherently Machiavellian ideology that consolidates power by voicing support for reform without enacting reform.

The stated goal of Conservatism was to conserve the class structure of the monarchy.

The US Founders were not fighting to conserve the class structure of the monarchy. They weren't even Tories. The Tories were the people who aimed their muskets and canonade at the founders.

When Nathan Hale stoically proclaimed, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country," the Conservative Tories were the people who wrapped a noose around Mr. Hale's neck and took that one life.

Adherence to a Machiavellian ideology created by the Tories in reaction the US Revolution cannot restore the ideals of the US Founders.

The progressive left is an ideology that evolved from the "enlightened absolutism" of King Frederick the Great of Prussia and developed through Hegel and Marx.

The Left/Right split gives us a false dichotomy. The reactionary right wants to use the consolidated power of the state to advance a class structure. The left wants to use the consolidated power of the state to advance social change.

Both sides of this false dichotomy seek economic and political consolidation. They simply disagree on the purpose of the consolidation creating a intense culture war which systematically diminishes liberty.

The Left/Right split creates an echo chamber which amplifies division.

This Left/Right split Europe apart and finally resulted in genocide.

While I was watching images of the riot in Baltimore, I was taken with the thought: "What would be happening right now in Mitt Romney won the last election?"

If Romney were true to Conservatism, which holds the consolidation of power over over advancing liberty, we would see a detached Congress passing unpopular legislation to reward GOP partisans.

In all likelihood, there would have been incidences with black men dying at the hands of the local police.

The nation would not be looking at Clinton and Obama tyring to distance themselves from the Democratic progressive base. What would happen is that the press and nation at large would be pinning frustrations on the GOP.

The riots would be worse and the result of the riots would be to move our nation even further left.

I found myself thankful that Obama won the election as it helps the world see that the frustrations of the nation are the result of his failed leadership and not the failure of the American ideals in liberty.

As for the GOP. I find myself staring in horror that the Right is continuing to force culture war and the Machiavellian ideology of the Tories (ie conservatism) down our gullet and wishing that I could somehow convince the shrill conservative voices on the right to look at the mote in their own eye and research the origins of their own failed ideology.

Conservatism did not come from the Founding Fathers. It is a Machiavellian ideology created by the Tories. Conservatism is not the original ideology of the GOP. Conservatism was used as a marketing ploy to draw the Dixiecrats into the GOP.

People who scream on the radio that "conservatism" is the answer are essentially screaming the ideology of King George modified to appease racist rejection of Civil Rights.

If the GOP continues to pursue its path of culture war and Machiavellian Conservatism instead of the beautiful ideals of the US Founders; the GOP is likely to create a political dynamic in which radical progressives tear our nation apart with riots that make Baltimore and Ferguson look tame.

Unfortunately, the only way to ever break out of this cycle would be for people to discuss ways to solve our nation's problems by advancing liberty. Unfortunately, conservatives will stop any and all conversations about advancing the ideals of our founders in their manacle pursuit of power.

I watch the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and shutter thinking that our nation's future is bleak as long as the GOP turns its back on the ideals of the Founders in favor of the Conservative fascination with Machiavelli and the class society favored by the Dixiecrats.

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