Friday, November 23, 2012

Last Ditch Effort

Republicans squarely refused to talk about Free Market Health Care Reform during the long election process. The powers that be claimed that they had to get power first. They were scared that talk about substantive reform might hurt the election efforts.

The powers that be were wrong.

Because they failed to talk substantive reform, they lost in the general election.

After the election, Republicans are finally willing to talk about the Health Exchanges.

For four years, I've had the goal of getting a small group of liberty minded folks into a room to discuss real substantive free market health care reform.

I believe that the first step to restoring free market health care is for people to actually talk about the subject.

For that matter, I find it patently absurd to think that we could restore free market health care if people avoid the subject and slam the door in the face of anyone who tries to bring it up.

I've designed a wonderful presentation about Free Market Health Care. The presentation takes about two hours. In the presentation, I create a fictional entity called the Medical Savings and Loan. I then show that this entity would do a better job of funding health care than insurance or socialism.

The presentation delves into the mathematics of funding health care and cannot be adequately presented in a blog post.

The program includes a plan for defeating ObamaCare. If a group of people listened to my argument, they would be better armed to take on ObamaCare and the Health Exchanges.

I live in Utah. Utah is run by a group that includes Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Mike Leavitt, Jon Huntsman, etc., who are all committed to socializing health care via health exchanges.

Since I live in a State controlled by a group that openly suppresses discourse, I must travel.

My last ditch hope is to  travel to Arizona to give my presentation on the Mathematics of funding health care. The trip will cost about $500, which I don't have.

$500 is not a lot of money.

I made a little affiliate site called A Fountain of Bargains. I've listed some 200 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and coupons on this site. I also run a small collection of directories for towns in the Mountain West called Community Color. The links marked (++) are affiliate links.
Any commissions I make from these sites would go to the trip.

It is possible to turn back ObamaCare. The process involves something that most people seem reluctant to do:


My plan is to get a group of people to discuss the mathematics of free market health care reform. The meeting would end with making a list of actions that the group could take to restore free market health care.

I will give more information on this last ditch effort next week.

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