Monday, October 01, 2012

Partisan Prayer

Dear Lord, Please vanquish my partisan foes this election ...

I can't believe it! After the Tea Party and protests against PPACA (ObamaCare), all conservatives have come up with is feeble talk about returning to the gold standard and a prayer rally.

Sorry, but praying to defeat a partisan foe in an election is something that is simply too cynical for my taste. Praying that someone else loses is just plain wrong.

Anyway, it appears that FreedomWorks is planning massive partisan prayer rallies to defeat the hated Obama. If I understood the commercial right, the prayer rallies are being organized in swing states on the site This site says:
At FreePAC you'll discover the technologies and strategies that we can use to turn back the Progressive agenda.

This approach to restoring the American Experiment in self-rule simply won't work. It is very easy to see why by examining the word I emphasized: "progressive."

What exactly is "progressivism"? Progressivism could be described as a collection of technologies and strategies to move our nation to an unstated goal of "socialism."

The activists on the right are trying to beat a strategy with a strategy. Each time conservatives attempt a new strategy, the progressives counter. Attempts to fight strategy with counter-strategy leads directly to a world ruled by action and reaction and a loss of targeted goal of restoring freedom.

A government ruled by action and reaction invariably grows as it responds to each crisis.

Now, there is a place for strategy in politics. However, the best path toward beating "progressivism" is for the champions of liberty to state their end goal (freedom) and call out the progressives for their end goal of socialism.

The Tea Party and Conservative movement are failing because the leaders and activists in these movements have focused too heavily on strategies and counter strategies and have failed to engage the American people in a discussion of the goals of the campaign.

I contend that it would be easy to defeat PPACA (ObamaCare) if a group of free marketeers got together and discussed substantive free market health care reform (Insurance is not free market health care).

Instead, Conservatives concentrate exclusively on strategy. For example, the Sutherland Institute advocates regulating Health Exchanges through a State Compact instead of the Federal Government. This is simply a strategy. Health Exchanges regulated by a State Compact is of the same basic form as Health Exchanges regulated by the Federal Government.

Because Republicans refuse to discuss ideas, the advocates of the American Experiment in Self-Rule are systematically losing the war of ideas.

I find it pathetic that the once proud Tea Party movement has been reduced to holding partisan prayer rallies in swing states as a political strategies to vanquish a partisan foe.

Prayer has its place but, in my humble opinion, a partisan prayer against another partisan group is a base and cynical act. I will not pray against my fellow man, I will pray that someday, somewhere a group of patriots builds up enough courage to actually discuss free market health care reform.

Although, I suspect that it would take a miracle beyond the capability of even the Heavenly Father for a Conservative to grasp the point that insurance (group funding of individual consumption) is not free market health care. Free market health care is individual funding of individual consumption ... with individuals helping those who cannot help themselves.

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