Saturday, May 15, 2010

Deep Sea Oil Drilling

Wow, Obama did a great job laying the blame for the BP oil spill on the Bush Administration. Yes, this problem is clearly the result of a discontinuity in Democratic domination of politics.

When it comes to the game of laying blame. I want Obama to be in my corner. There is nobody better at projection blame on partisan foes than Obama.

Surely, if we just had more of a socialist model to government ... like the British model ... then this BP oil spill would never have happened.

While I look at this crisis, one thought keeps striking my mind: Why are we drilling for oil in places where we cannot readily get to the well heads? The spill is 5000 feet down, and we don't have good technology for getting resources to the well to cap it.

A rational society would be drilling the oil in shallow places first, then going deeper then moving out into the deep sea as technology evolved.

Drilling near shore simplifies the process of regulation and increases the ability to get to the well heads.

We are drilling in the deep sea first because we have a broken political process that demands cheap oil, but that blocks access to the oil in places that one can get at easily.

Placing absurd political demands on an industry leads to bad results.

On the bright side, George Bush was a progressive republican. This makes it easy to lay blame on him. So, we should applaud Obama's masterful speech in which he laid blame for the problem on the decade inwhich Bush was president.

No one is better at the blame game than Obama.

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