Sunday, April 04, 2010

Politically Correct Gutter Mouth

Political correctness is a game where every word is measured for political effect, as opposed to words spoken in an authentic pursuit of truth.

As such, it is just as likely that a gutter mouth is engage politically correctness as it is for the light-tongued busybody.

I think it was a mistake for Conservatives to allow the term "politically correct" to be taken as a synonym for politeness. The real question is if people are using language to develop and convey ideas as opposed to simple political posturing.

Unfortunately, this association of "politically correctness" and "politeness" gives permission for the rogues of the world to lower the quality of discourse. It has become common for political leaders to drop the F-bomb, or n-word in blatant efforts to stop discourse.

People speaking in explicative are not necessary more engaged in the pursuit of truth than those that tiptoe around words with oppressive speach codes.

The term political correctness should apply to both excessive profanities and whitewashed language.

What matters is the commitment to truth and understanding.

I believe the quality discourse is civil. For the most part, politeness enhances discourse as it allows many different voices and perspectives in the discourse.

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Jason The said...

Truth trumps civility.

Hand-wringing Joe Biden's F-bomb (and more audaciously EQUAITING IT with tea baggers shouting the n-word and spitting on Congressmen) while ignoring lies and intentional misdirection is laughably contrived.