Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caucuses on the Horizon

Caucuses are on the horizon. Caucuses do more to define the parties and political discourse than any other political event on the political calendar.

The Right Huff put up a short Republican calendar for the Republicans in Colorado.

I fear the situation where moderates flee the Democratic Party and we are left with the Democrats toeing the Marxist line and Republicans behaving as reactionaries.

The left controls the media and schools. An even deeper political divide in our nation could be devastating to our nation.

My response to Republican efforts to recruit independents is that independents should join whatever party they detest least and be heard in the caucuses. Both parties have an internal pendulum. In the Bush years, both parties swung violently to the left. This leftward swing is destroying our nation.

Independents attending the caucuses could help both parties swing back toward an appreciation of limited government and liberty. Here is the reply I posted on The Right Huff:

Pundits concentrate on the swing between Republican and Democrats. The truth is that both parties have an internal pendulum that swings from liberalism to progressivism.

In the Bush years, both parties swung hard left ... leaving us a choice between Neocon progressivism in the republican party and Marxian style progressivism in the Democrats.

This election, both parties are likely to swing back toward the Democratic and Republican version of limited government.

So, regardless of which party an independent joins, independent voices supporting limited government, states rights and freedom can and will be heard this year.

Independents should swallow the vile tasting bile. Join the party that they despise least and be heard in the caucus.

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