Monday, May 18, 2009

Primary Agent Poll

I just added a poll to this site.

The poll ask the fundamental question of what should be the primary agent in health care decisions.

By primary agent, I mean which entity should be the primary decision maker in health related concerns.

Health care is such that there needs to be a primary agent involved in the health care decisions. Having two agencies battling for control over the decision making power leads to contradictory decisions and poor results.

Dare I mention that the answer to the question should influence how one approaches the big national health care debate.

The funding mechanism for health care should be designed to empower the primary agent in health care.

Our current health care system makes the employer the primary agent in health care.

I suspect that much of our dissatisfaction results from people's discontent with having health care dependent on their current employer.

The poll on this site will run through June 30th.

The poll on my site will do nothing more than demonstrate the scant readership of this blog. So, I invite other bloggers to post a similar poll. Leave a comment with the name of your blog, and I will add a link to your blog.

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