Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deconstructing the Construction

700 East BridgeI took a picture of the installation of the I80 700 East Bridge. They built the bridge by the side of the interstate and are moving it inplace with a block and tackle arrangement. The bridge is massive. The freeway will have four lanes in both direction. 700 South has three traffic lanes along with left turn lanes.

Salt Lake County LibraryThe Columbus Library on 500 East in South Salt Lake sports a mission style facade with red tile roofing. The building says "Columbus School." I wonder if it was part of the Columbus Community Center?

Salt Lake County LibraryAfter taking pictures of the bridge, I headed downtown for some errands, then took a small number of shots including the Grand American Hotel. The downtown construction. It looks like the second Key Bank tower is slated for destruction.

If I were wise, I would be spending more time following and taking photos of the two billion dollar demolition and reconstruction of downtown Salt Lake. Oddly, the big reconstruction doesn't captivate me. I prefer plans that evolve with time to grand schemes than in big politically charged development efforts.

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