Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Running Out of Things to Say

Yahoo Reports that, due to the screenwriters guild strike, the Democratic Party will be forced to cancel their next debate.

The timing of the strike is horrible. Here we are in the last weeks before the primary begins and the candidates need new material with pertinent references to current events to complete the characters they've crafted.

Let's hope the screenwriters' guild resolves this strike before the general election; otherwise, we could end up with a really boring election season with the Republicans pontificating off the cuff while the Democrats pace back and forth waiting for new scripts to respond.


Tyler Farrer said...

Ha! That is really funny! I haven't thought about the Dems running out of talking points.

Let's face it, the Republican debates have been far more interesting.

On another note, news organization writers are part of a different organization, so perhaps the Dems should draw from the "objective" talent there.

Scott Hinrichs said...