Thursday, October 04, 2007

For Social Justice

This is important.

Yesterday I received a call from a frantic activist opposed to initiative one. It was a bit difficult to figure out what she was saying, after all she was a product of the Utah public school system and was neither articulate nor well learned.

Anyway, she was adamant that people who are voting against initiative one vote via an absentee ballot. I told her that I would put this important information on a web site.

If the people who are opposed to the measure vote via absentee ballot, then there will be a sizeable difference between the absentee vote and those at the polling place. If just a few thousand people who are against the measure transfer their votes from the general election to absentee ballots, then there will be a very large gap in the the two voting samples.

A really large gap in the samples will help bulster the claim that the voting system is compromised. The political left has invested a great deal of effort and capital into undermining confidence in the integrity of the voting system.

Initiative One is most likely going down. The ideal situation, however, would be one where the initiative wins at the polling booths, but is cut down by the absentee vote. Imagine the unease that would occur if there was an announcement that the vote won, but was overturned on completion of counting the absentee vote.

Since this is an off year election, it should be possible to accomplish this slight of hand with just a few thousand nay voters switching their voting method.

If just a few thousand lefties vote via absentee ballots, it should be possible to generate data sufficent to prove that the right uses underhanded means to manipulate elections.

I am likely to vote for initiative one. So, I will vote at the polls. If you are against the initiative then, for social justice, vote via absentee ballot.

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