Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Struggles

A happy May Day to the citizens of the Peoples Republic of Amerika! Our glorious leaders, Comrade Pelosi and Comrade Reid, have joined the international peoples struggle by signing the "Wars Funding Bill," in defiance of the imperial dog George W. Bush. The oppressed undocumented workers, who've been forced from their native lands to toil in the fields of imperial America, have taken to the streets.

On the local front, the paper announced that the peoples have made a major advance in the peoples struggle against vouchers, by having an anti-vouchers resolution on the ballot. (I find this news odd. The people who asked me to sign the intiative said that the ballot initiative was for vouchers, not against vouchers. Of course in a peoples struggle you say what is effective.)

On the international front, Comrade Chavez has seized control and nationalized the Orinoco oil fields. Meanwhile the peoples armies of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah continue the people's struggle against Zionism and the Imperial West.

On this glorious May Day 2007, the world stands united against peoples enemy: the imperial dog George Bush.

The only sad note is that the peoples hero Fidel Castro was not able to attend May Day Celebrations in Cuba. While the glorious leader was not able to attend May Day celebrations, the glorious leader did issue the proclamation of a people's struggle against the use of ethanol in vehicles.

I've been wondering if it is true that the use of bio-diesel and ethanol will necessarily take food away from the starving peoples. So, now that my obligatory post on the state of the May Day Struggles is through, I think I will pen a quick essay on my thoughts on ethanol ... to come soon.

I sincerely hope that the readers of this blog are never the focus of a peoples struggle. Nien Cheng wrote an interesting story about being on the wrong side of a peoples struggle.

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