Friday, December 08, 2006

Mozy on over

I decided to try out the Mozy backup service. This service will backup files onto a remote server which happens to be in Provo.

Using the internet for backups is a very good idea. A good backup system stores the data in a remote location. If something bad happens at your home, it could affect both your computer and your backup disks.

What I've done in the past is to zip and encrypt files, then save the file at my webhost. Webhosts are notoriously insecure places. This system makes me entirely dependent on the compression of the zip file and my ability to keep my password secret. BTW, I also save a zipped copy of my websites on my home computer. For that matter, I've had to restore my web site twice already. The Mozy system is a lot easier to use than my kluged system of zipped files.

The only big downside to the Mozy program is that sending a backup over DSL takes a long time. My one suggestion for people using the service is to do a small backup first. After backing up some data, you should make sure you can retrieve the files you backed up.

This Mozy system was a lot cleaner than any of the tape backup systems that I've used in the past. The program gives 2GB of storage for free. You then pay modest amounts for additional backup space. The referral program is cool. I get 250MB additional backup space for recommending the service. Since backing up data is an important thing for people to do; I am more than happy to recommend it.

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