Monday, March 06, 2006

Memoirs of a Catholic School Boy

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I thought I should point out after my last post. I was a Catholic School boy going to Santa Clara University south of SF when the AIDS epidemic first emerged. Several of my friends were from SF. Many of whom were really upset with things going on in the gay community like the bath houses and a growing problem with pedophilia. Disliking pedophilia does not make a person a homophobe.

Health care workers were deathly afraid of AIDS. They did not know how it spread. They helped people anyway.

While the people in the trenches worked to overcome their fears to help others. The bastards in Hollywood belittled them for their legitimate fears.

Many health care workers, at the time, were opposed to a subculture that was advocating unprotected sex with multiple partners. The people who tried to say that AIDS was spread through unprotected sex with unprotected partners were labeled homophobes by the Hollywood elite.

I watched this drama from my protective little shell. I had a great deal of admiration for the health care workers who helped AIDS patients especially when it was not clear how the disease spread. I have zero respect for Hollywood Elite.

The reason I am upset with Clooney is that he is lying. Hollywood did not lead on this issue. The cultural elite belittled the people who tried to help in the early AIDS epidemic. They only became the champion of AIDS several years after the epidemic when AIDS was taking a large number of their own.

David Horowitz'e book Radical Son provides an interesting view of this era. Horowitz was part of the cultural elite. He realized that the cultural elite was sickness, and that people the elite denounced were the ones worthy of admiration.

Regardless, Hollywood's concern with AIDS arose not from some sort of wonderful altruistic instinct unique to the movie industry. AIDs took a disproportionate number of people from the movie industry.

Clooney's tiny minded political jab is simply a self righteous dilusion.

Group think never leads. It can only follow.

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