Wednesday, December 21, 2005


BTW, I larned me a new word today. The system where women stay at home with the kids and do things like charity work or start little crafty businesses like scrapbooking, tarot card reading or other such silliness is called "phallocentricism.

This little system where women sit at home and working on little cookie baking businesses, run little restaurants, or do outright foolish things like create knitting patterns is not freedom. It is infact a system of violence against women.

Women should be working in salt mines, labor camps, toiling in the field. Women should be playing the position of line guard in the NFL ... positions that can bring out their manhood ... and not doing all of the things that they keep chosing to do when they are allowed freedom.

Yes, when I was thinking of creating a calendar updater person. I was really imagining the position filled by a female. In other words, I was imagining myself engaged in the practice of "superexploitation" of a subordinate gender class in the prevailing "gender regime." I was imagining myself dipping into that "archipeligo" of homeworking labor that is easily hirable and firable.

While my calendar updater person would be thinking that she was helping people learn about the different events taking place in the community, what is really happening at the metaphysical layer is that I would be using capitalism to articulate male domination and female suburdination.

Two great examples of how capitalism subordinates women are Martha Stewart and Oprah. Martha Stewart spends her days making doilies, and Oprah ekes out a living with her televised social hour.

My calendar updater person wouldn't just be a poor young thing caught in a web of a patriarchy. Creating a homeworking position that updates calendars would infact be forcing someone into a subproletarianized dominated female.

The large number of women who are flocking to work at home options like the Jet Blue Call Center (which is in reality a bunch of housewives working from home) are not people chosing to order their lives in the way that they desire. They are in fact victims of phallocentrism who've been subdued to "male sexual predation." Yep, Jet Blue is not a company that is using communication technology to provide work at home positions. They are a corruption of the world spirit that uses violence inherent in the capitalism system to do institutionalized violence to women in the form of phallocentrism. Have you ever noticed how jet airplanes are long and cyllindrical? See, it is all about sexual power politics.

Anyway, the primary reason I would hire a calendar updater person is that I think having a calendar updated with all the charitable events in town would improve the overall appeal of the directories. Translation is that I am trying to establish a neopatriarchy based on capitalistic violence to women.

Anyway, I need to wait and find out what happens with the minimum wage before creating the position. I am not part of the neopatriarchy yet, but I might get there someday.

BTW, if you are reading this, and haven't finished in the bourgeoisie task of holiday shopping. Might I suggest stopping in at Ten Thousand Villages. I love these stores. Ten Thousand Villages is a shop by the Mennonites. Ten Thousand Villages is a multinational capitalistic venture that helps perpetuate the phallocentric society by exploiting the cheap labor of indigenous groups to create traditional craft artifacts.

I've found that buying traditional craft items from native cultures is an ideal way to help tribal societies maintain a patrimony of male domination and female subordination. The artisans page on Ten Thousands Villiages show a few of the faces who are being exploited by this of work at home craft jobs that are created by the system of multinational capitalistic exploitation.

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