Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Yes, I am a stats addict. Show me a field of numbers and I will be enthralled for days. I figured that building community directories was a nice mindless little community service to perform while trying to figure out the ins and outs of the web. This way, I can get my monthly statistics fix while claiming to be doing something worthwhile...helping people learn about their community. The stats do show a few interesting things: For example, I've discovered that lots of people in Provo are interested in crafts. I get about 16 people a day in that directory. People in Salt Lake have a strange interest in malls.

Anyway, my little web empire had 632614 page views last month from 123400 sessions. I suspect most of the page views were from robots. The big important news is that the take from advertisements jumped up to $980.74. I am getting close to breaking that elusive 1k mark. The big jump in commissions came from some unusually large purchases from the Sears Home Center link on (If the big items get returned, then my take for the month will fall by a couple hundred dollars.)

I started this web thing with the intention of making content sites. I quickly learned that the sites I wanted to design could not pay for themselves. Playing the stats game, I think I am getting back to the position to where I will be able to do what I originally intended to do...make advertisement driven content sites.

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