Thursday, February 24, 2005

UN and EU

Dr. Erich Pohl spoke at the United Nations Association of Utah on Tuesday. He gave an informative presentation on the European perspective of the United States and the U.N.. I enjoyed Dr. Pohl emphasizes that the trans-Atlantic relation between the United States is really built on the millions of human and trade contacts across the Ocean. He also rejects the Machiavellian notions currently dominating trans-Atlantic politics. In the US, we have the Straussian/Rumsfeld crowd that thinks the US must dominate the world. In Europe the Chirac crowd postures that the EU must be a contervaling force to a rogue US. Pushing aside the fantasies of a world spirit, we find the real driving force of the world is the millions of people with a staggering number of connections between them. We prosper when we work together. We suffer when the demigogs of the world find ways to tear us apart.

The presentation is even more interesting as President Bush is currently visiting the EU. We can hope that Bush will try to mend fences. He left Rumsfeld and Cheney behind, which is a good sign. Regardless of the acts of presidents, the real relation between the US and the EU is the millions of personal contacts across the Atlanta. Presidential politics divides. It is the people that unite.

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