Monday, August 09, 2004

I added a make link program to Protophoto. The program creates the HTML for a thumbnail link to a picture. The vain hope is that people who want to use images from the site in forums or what not will use the thumbnail rather than linking to an image. Posting an image on a popular forum can really eat up my bandwidth.

I will probably be the only person to ever use the progam. At least it will make it easier to include images in this blog and other projects.

Last year, I ran out of disk space (and bandwidth) on protophoto. I found a program that lets me crunch images in batch mode. If I super compress the images, I should be able to make room for more images. The compression does well for landscapes, people, animals and plant close ups. It does not do well with images of trees, grass or other fractal type subjects.

I really need to put up my own server some day, then I would be able to have gigabytes of diskspace and could include the full images along with the compressed ones.

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