Monday, July 26, 2004

I caught the end of le tour france on cable. I have to admit that cycling is truly a beautiful event. Watching the waving motions of the peloton is truly hypnotic.

I've always seen cycling as a lone wolf sort of sport. It is a challenge against one's self. I enjoy being way out on an empty country road cycling by myself grooving with nature. I never really understood why there were teams, or why people bothered competing.

Quite frankly, in recent years, I've been extremely turned off by the Utah Mountain Cylcling scene ( which is into this extreme "tear up the desert" free falls down the face of cliffs. Yes, mountain bikes can do as much damage to the wilderness as a jeep...or a stick of dynamite. I tend to limit my mountain biking to roads. Trail ride does too much damage to a trail. The mountain bike is the best way to experience canyonlands or the swell...but there's enough roads already in existence. I don't need to carve a new one with my fat tires.

Anyway, seeing, a well formed peleton is rejuvenating. I can now understand why cyclists go through all the hassles of the professional racing circuits to build up the skills ncessary to ride in such a formation. The race itself forms a work of art. If I were to try and ride in such a formation, I would twist the wrong way and knock everybody down. They other cyclists would get reall upset.

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